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dimanche 12 avril 2009 (2 posts)

Since we uploaded Xfce 4.6 into Debian Sid, last week, not much have happened to most people. We had some bug reports, but mostly from amd64 users, because i386 and ppc packages are not yet available. The aren't all built at the moment. You can follow the build status here if you want. Most packages are built now, but xfce4-settings is waiting for libcanberra which is not installable because of a transition and a package waiting in NEW. It's quite painful to have this upload a bit harmed by this, but there's not much we could do.

We already passed NEW when uploading to experimental to minimize the delay where unstable would be unusable, but we can't do that for packages we don't maintain but depend on. I'm wondering if, for Xfce 4.6.1 (which is supposed to be out this weekend but won't because of some problems on the release manager box), I won't disable the sound settings in xfce4-settings and thus get rid of the libcanberra build-dep.

If you have keyboard (layout and shortcuts) related bugs, make sure to re-assign the shortcuts correctly, and re-set the keyboard model and layout in the keyboard settings. There was a quite large xorg update at the same time, which now use hal and console-setup stuff. So you may have problems with that and it can be a bit hard to know what's going wrong (settings migrations from Xfce 4.4 to Xfce 4.6, bugs in Xfce 4.6, configuration problems, conflicts, bugs in xorg etc.)

But all in all, for amd64 users, it seems the transition is well received and not that bugs have been reported yet (I'm expecting bug reports to come more when i386 users begin upgrading).

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