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vendredi 27 février 2009 (1 post)

As some people may have noticed (especially people in #debian-xfce and other Xfce fans), Xfce 4.6.0 has just been released. Packages are already prepared, since the packaging is done in parallel with the release cycle.

I don't really plan to upload anything to my repository, now that Lenny is released and we can break unstable. That being said, I won't upload to unstable directly, as we have some packages which need to go through NEW. NEW is quite huge this days, so those packages won't leave it soon, and for consistency I'd prefer not breaking unstable completely, with a mix of 4.4 and 4.6.

So first uploads targeted at experimental, and then when all packages are out of NEW, unstable. In the meantime, I already uploaded a new desktop-base version with config files useful for the new configuration system in 4.6. One of theses files will conflict with one in xfce4-session. Yeah, I shipped that file in xfce4-session when it was private, now it's time to go official. So yes, this morning you may have a conflict with desktop-base. It's not a problem in desktop-base (you don't need to report a bug). Just an inconsistency with an un-official, un-supported repository package, and an official package from main. Just force the overwrite or something like that. Or hold the upgrade until xfce4-session is available.

As I already said, no special dependencies informations will be used in packages uploaded to Debian, so it may break your system at upgrade. The best solution would be to clean the packages from my repository before trying to upgrade to the ones in Debian (but it should not be too broken, in the end). For the record, besides the desktop-base / xfce4-session conflict, I didn't have any problem upgrading to the packages I should upload to experimental.

More on this when things have settle down and we start uploading to unstable.

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