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samedi 27 janvier 2007 (1 post)
Ok, i386 users which have downloaded my packages here, I know you can't use thunar volume manager (thunar-volman) nor (u)mount devices from thunar, as it says that exo isn't built with hal support.

Hal support is indeed not enabled in i386 build (it is for ppc builds) on I won't rebuild Xfce 4.4 for i386 with exo hal support enabled, as I don't really have currently enough power to do that more than once in a while.

But ema has begun to upload Xfce 4.4 package to experimental, so exo (with hal support enabled) is available on Debian Experimental packages.

If you want to test it, add experimental sources to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb experimental main

Then update and install exo:

sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install libexo-0.3-0/experimental

You can also pick other libs from there, which are more recent than ones on

As always, be aware that those packages are in experimental shape, so it may damage your system, kill your cat and make your SO go away. Be prepared!

Anyway if you encounter bugs, don't hesitate to tell us on irc (precising from where your packages come from).

Happy testing.

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