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lundi 11 décembre 2006 (1 post)
It's been more than one year that I'm waiting on NM queue, waiting for an Applicant Manager, performing Philosophy & Procedure part 1 & 2, then Tasks & Skills.

When applying for NM, it's really appreciated to already maintain a few packages in the archive, so for T&S the AM can check them and appreciate the work done. I guess people applying for NM first start by taking care of some package, before submitting.

But for me, it was the opposite way. I joined pkg-xfce team more than 18 months ago, and got my first packages in the archive a few weeks later.

I only applied to NM 6 months later, because, as I was dedicating more time to pkg-xfce, it would be more efficient for me to be able to upload directly, without
bothering huggie or ema (the two DDs in the team). It wasn't really required, but
it interested me, and huggie said me that it'd take some time so the sooner, the better.

Now, due to personal reason, huggie and ema don't have time/motivation anymore to work on pkg-xfce. I'm currently the one in charge, as I spent some time on it, and tries to spent some time on debian-desktop team, so we have a nice and consistent look for desktop environments in Etch. But I can't upload my packages myself, I need to find a sponsor. Xfce represent more than 50 packages (including goodies), that's quite a lot, and we have scripts and procedure to be efficient when rebuilding everything. If I could do everything myself, Xfce 4.4rc2 (released 2006/11/05) would have been in Etch since a long time. But I can't, because I'm stuck in NM queue.

Most of 4.4rc2 packages have been uploaded by my AM, Dafydd Harries (which I want to thank, though), but not everything, and few packages won't be in Etch, now that it's frozen. Yeah, that means that Etch will have half rc1 and half rc2, which isn't really good. Not really bad either, but still... (ok, and not as bad as shipping broken svn snapshots...)

I'm interested in beeing a Debian Developper because I *know* it'll make my work and my time more efficient. And not beeing able to push rc2 to Etch because of that really makes me sad...

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